GSW Browser - Home

Expanding functionality beyond the capabilities of standard browsers.

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by making work intuitive and seamless.

Advanced Metrics

With GSW LADS, administrators can see important performance metrics in real-time.

Complete Customization

Easily customize your enterprise browsing needs.

Geo Tracking

Know where each device is at all times, just in case a device gets lost or stolen.

GSW Cordova Quick Start Guide

Near Infinite Expandability

With Apache Cordova Support.

Access Device Level Features

Camera, Media, Volume, Vibration, Beeps, Geolocation, Local Files, and much more. Directly from the GSW Industrial Browser.

For the live demos to be functional, you must be using the GSW ConnectBot Industrial Browser.

Honeywell Scanner Support

Activate the Honeywell scanner dynamically from the web interface.

Honeywell Scanner Listener

Honeywell Scanner Soft Button
Media and Volume

Capture photos, videos, and audio and send them to a remote server. Play audio and control the device volume.

Media Capture

Media Player
GSW Variables

Access device-specific variables.

GSW Variables
Lock Screen Orientation

When the screen orientation keeps moving, lock it to the one you need.

Screen Orientation